Oxford Tourism

Oxford Tourism

Oxford is the home of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. There are museums to visit and historic homes and buildings of interest in this city that has been a town since the 9th century and home to residents for thousands of years. Restaurants, shopping, and theater are some of the attractions that the city offers. There are also opportunities for sporting activities with an ice rink in the city and golf and other activities in outlying areas.

There are over 200 restaurants in the city with almost all varieties of food available. Pierre Victoire is a classic French restaurant that has very reasonable prices and good service. The food is highly rated, especially the desserts. English-style food can be found at The Kingham Plough Restaurant, known for its local dishes that are all British. Every piece of food at the restaurant is homemade. This restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, and snacks. For steaks, hamburgers, and other English dishes, as well as vegetarian food, The Mitre Beefeater is well-known for good food. La Cucina restaurant or Mamma Mia Pizzeria are great places for Italian food at reasonable prices, and Jamies Italian restaurant is great for sit down lunches and dinners.

Some delicious Japanese food can be found at Edamame, a small, casual restaurant. Al-Shami is a Lebanese restaurant in the city that many people enjoy because of the atmosphere and service, as well as for the food. For Chinese food, Shanghai 30’s is decorated in the 1930s style of Shanghai for a very interesting decor. Red Star Noodle Bar serves Asian, Asian fusion, Chinese, and Japanese foods, and the Thai Orchid is a rather expensive Thai restaurant. There are many other unique dining spots in Oxford for tourists and city residents as well.

There are many things to do while visiting the city and the university. Many interesting tourist attractions are related to the University of Oxford, such as the Botanic Garden, which is a typical garden with many beautiful flowers and benches for resting. The university itself has quaint buildings that are centuries old, and it provides an interesting walk around each of the colleges that are located on the campus. Those who are interested in music will enjoy seeing the Bate Collection, one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the world. Over 2,000 instruments from centuries past are in this collection, and around 1,000 are on display. The Oxford University Museum of Natural History has geological, entomological, and zoological specimens in its collections. The Oxfordshire dinosaurs are housed in the museum, as are the swifts in the tower. Swifts are birds that have nested in the museum tower for many years.

The Ashmolean is the Museum of Art and Archaeology at the university. It houses Eastern art, Western art, antiquities like Egyptian treasures from 3500 BC and a double-sided mummy portrait from the 2nd century AD. There is even a human skull that has been plastered and painted from a person in 7,000 BC. A visitor could spend days browsing through the museum because of the many interesting artifacts and displays that are offered. Those who love art will enjoy a tour of Christ Church Picture Gallery with its private collections of Old Master drawings by such artists as Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo.

Oxford also offers sites that tourists should be sure to see, and Carfax Tower is one of these. The tower is all that remains from the Church of St. Martin which was built in the 14th century. It is located in the middle of the city’s shopping area. Tourists also enjoy the Mini Cooper Plant in Oxford where it is possible to see the robots at work. This amazing city has many attractions to please every tourist.