Oxford Hotel Guide

Oxford Hotel Guide

The city of Oxford is home to the University of Oxford, not far from London. It has been an important educational institution in the United Kingdom since the 11th century. It is the second oldest English-speaking university in the world that still survives today. With over 20,000 students attending the facility at one time, there are many visiting parents, prospective students, and other visitors who need housing. There are rooms available on campus, as well as other forms of lodging nearby.

Those who actually want to stay at the university can check to see if lodging is available during their visit. The most likely times that there are open rooms are times when students are away for the holidays, such as Christmas, and Easter, and summer vacation times. Students’ rooms are cleared out during these times, and they are rented at very reasonable rates. Accommodations typically include twin beds and bathroom facilities nearby. The charge for staying for the night at the university costs only around $45.00 to $50.00.

There are 15 colleges on the campus, and there are always some rooms available, even when classes are in session. It is possible to find vacancies online by checking each of the colleges to see if any lodging is available when a visit is planned. Rooms typically include clean linens and towel, as well as breakfast the following morning. Guests often have the privilege of using college facilities, such as squash courts or walking in the various gardens on the grounds. Broadband access is free in most facilities, while there is a minimal fee at others.

Wadham College has the highest customer rating of all, but they all have at least five out of six stars that are computed from the feedback by those who have stayed in the rooms previously. This college, like many of the others, does not have parking facilities. It is possible to take a train or a bus to the facility. Wadham is made of 17th century buildings that are located in the center of university grounds, which makes it an ideal location for guests who want to tour the city. Nearby historic houses and museums are tourist attractions, and the gardens on campus are open for strolls any time of the year. There is a bar located in this building that is open until 11 PM for guests to enjoy a drink. This facility does not permit anyone under the age of 21 to stay in their buildings. The other colleges offer lodging as well.

The peak tourist season at Oxford is in the spring and summer. The Science Open Days also bring thousands of guests to the college. Open Days are usually held during the summer months, typically in July and September. Because there is no parking in many areas of the university, many tourists park their cars at a Park-and-Ride and take the bus to the area they are visiting. Visitors flying into Heathrow or Gatwick can take a bus to the campus. Staying in a room on campus is not only economical, but it is close to the city attractions and to the activities at the various colleges.

Those who prefer to stay off campus have their choice of many accommodations in the city of Oxford. These range from quaint bed and breakfast facilities to modern luxury hotels. Guest houses and farm houses are also available for rental, and there are camping sites as well. Those who plan to stay for a long period may find apartments for rental. There are many choices of where to stay when visiting Oxford.